Giving Back a Little


If you are looking some fiction (developmental) editing (structure, style, pacing and voice) or proofreader (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice and sentence structure, catching continuity issues) services for small works of SF and Fantasy give me a shout. Works will need to be under or around 10000 words and I can only complete one piece a month due to work commitments.

Why you ask… Because I can and wish too.

So, what do you I bring… I work in the IT industry and as part of my job I do a technical writing, editing and proofreading.  I also have  completed pieces in the genre for many years, read and skill up  on creative writing whenever I can, and believe I have a good mind to restructuring and bringing out the best in works.  Feel free to spin around the site and read some of my writing.

This is a friendly transaction and I am by no means a professional in Editing of SF and Fantasy. I simply like to help out in the community and think I can.

General rule of thumb for works:

  1. The work shouldn’t be your first draft.
  2. No comments I make are meant to be anything other than helpful, which may mean they differ to how you wish them to be*.
  3. I’ll offer comment on content, but not any content itself.
  4. Review and reading can take time, please be patient.
  5. Even if your work never sees the light of day, I am happy to help.


*Not much of a concern if I am just proofreading.