The 3 Act Hero’s Journey, my thoughts.

Recently, I have been rereading elements of story structure so in an effort to take these elements from my mind to the page I penned this thought bubble on the matter of the 3 Act Hero’s Journey.  It’s a well discussed topic, so I have tried to only included the core elements I think are important.

The classic view of the 3 Act Hero’s journey consist of:

  • Act 1 – Beginning
  • Act 2 – Middle
  • Act 3 – Climax

The breakdown: Natural view 3 Act structure

Act 1 – Beginning:  This is the introduction to your story and should consist of the setting, tone, and appearance of your main propagandist/s.  This section should provide the initial direction your propagandists will take and make promises of how they will get there. Continue reading


Not another ‘Things you were taught at school that are wrong’



No, not another Things you were taught at school that are wrong.  Just my own general thoughts on the matter, because who gets to decide what is wrong.

Currently, there is a gluttony of articles, rehashing and re-blogging of articles about ‘Things you were taught at school that are wrong’, well surely (and for those old enough to remember, don’t call me Shirley..) we all already know that what we are taught at school isn’t the fount of all knowledge, but simply the best possible format that can be given to the mass of ankle biters and the raging hormones of teenage monsters.

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