Rogue One Review – Spoiler Free


This in reality is broken down into two trains of thought for myself.

First, as a stand alone, this is the most real of the Star Wars, the people, their choices and consequences of their actions.  There is an attention to detail to the original trilogy, costumes, technology (tactical buttons and levers) that keep it centred in the timeline.

CGI is used, however, there is plenty of live action creatures, it’s gritty, dark and gives you a peak at the universe around the Skywalkers, a look at the rebellion and how it was being fought before Luke, Han and Leia turned up.  So in that regard, it’s a winner.

There are many correlations to the trilogy which are a nice nod and quite a few Easter Eggs you will need to watch out for.  In case you did not know, there is no after credit scenes, no need to wait about.

Second, and the biggest issue I had is the tone of the movie and story line.  If like myself your excitement for the movie is based on the information and tidbits provided in the lead up, not just the idea of a Star Wars movie you are going to be very disappointed.

If you compare the teaser trailers against the latest ones and the movie itself they are vastly different. Sticking solely with the main protagonist, lets have a look at the character of Jyn. How she is portrayed, her position, speeches and progression in the story are all different, and now having seen the movie, I have to say I don’t like the changes they have made in the reshoots.  It no longer fits the image they teased us with. Small changes are fine, but too much was altered.

The ending and end part of the story is a good example of this (have a look at the teaser trailer and read about around speculation of what it was going to be like once you see the movie), while it is understandable, it is also very unsatisfying to me as the watcher.  There is nothing wrong with switching it up because it is a standalone, but this was a bridge too far.  You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

The reshoot simply presented too many incongruous elements; some characters now have a mess of large hair that were not in the original trailer and the speeches no longer match what was originally portrayed, another character appears to have been readded while their introduction indicated they should not have had the capacity to do. Key dialogue no longer matches up.

If you have seen the any of the original trailers and read about the movie before its lead up, you will most likely enjoy this movie more.  However, being a fan, I think they may have screwed the pooch with the reshoots.  While I know the original may never be seen or it may be many years before it does, I would like to see that to compare.


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