Rogue One Review – Spoiler Free


This in reality is broken down into two trains of thought for myself.

First, as a stand alone, this is the most real of the Star Wars, the people, their choices and consequences of their actions.  There is an attention to detail to the original trilogy, costumes, technology (tactical buttons and levers) that keep it centred in the timeline.

CGI is used, however, there is plenty of live action creatures, it’s gritty, dark and gives you a peak at the universe around the Skywalkers, a look at the rebellion and how it was being fought before Luke, Han and Leia turned up.  So in that regard, it’s a winner.

There are many correlations to the trilogy which are a nice nod and quite a few Easter Eggs you will need to watch out for.  In case you did not know, there is no after credit scenes, no need to wait about.

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