Review – Doctor Who – Heaven Sent, S09E11



This is one of the best Who’s I have watched in a long time.  Dark and engaging.  The story leads you slowly up and up like the twisting stairs inside a winding tower.  Dead ends, hidden truths and old fears from a childhood long ago.

Alone in a castle of his nightmares he is more human, more real and honest than he has ever been.  Sleep, food, fear, pain and fatalistic determination, what more can you ask?

Let’s get the big one out of the way.  The Doctor is the Hybrid.

Do you remember Rule 1. Not the rules for his companions, but his rule, the rule, he carries life a sword and shield protecting and keeping the pain and hurt away.

Rule 1, The Doctor Lies.

So as everyone one goes internet-mental about the Doctor saying he is the Hybrid, remember Rule One.  Some secrets must never be told, never spoken and what’s the best way to hide a secret, give them a truth they are willing to accept.

Some home truths.  He’s just mad man who stole a box, not because he was bored because he was afraid.  Each story has an end, a middle and a start.  Do I believe he left because of fear alone, no.  Fear for himself, or fear for others.  There are many types of fear and in the walls of his own mind, his own private Hell is the point that you are meant to face your own truths?  Have they met the Doctor, he’ll give Usain Bolt a run for his money when it comes to accepting the truth and the inevitable.

His prison, his last will and testament. Time Lord, so yes, bigger on the inside. I have my own personal theory about the Doctor’s last will.  It’s his execution chamber and each Time Lord has one.  They are tired to it in some way just before or after they die as a last fail safe  When the Doctor died (Matt Smith) he transformed into a column of energy containing of the full force of his life.

So the question is, considering the amount of Time Lords who have been alive, where are the rest of them?  The knowledge, power and wonder of a Time Lord locked in one place.  If once cell of a Time Lords body is a wonder, enough to start a war over, how much would the untapped energy of his life be worth?

Much like Karen Gillan before her, a little surprise visit was much welcomed, Jenna Coleman’s presence just at the right moment was perfect of the episode.  The hint of her was enough to keep you wondering if she would turn around, and when it finally did, damn perfect.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Bring on River!



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