Doctor Who Series 9 Episode list – Hopes, dreams and expections, as well as some made up stuff.

As a rule I don’t read episode blurbs before watching Doctor Who, I loved to be surprised.  However, I do like to speculate and quite enjoy being wrong about it once I do watch. It adds to the flavour and surprise, so here goes:


  1. Clara and Missy. Clara has gone full time as a companion, but has to contend with Missy now.
  2. Witch, thinking medieval and history is being altered. Doctor to the rescue.
  3. I get thoughts of the Lady in the Lake, Arthurian, remember the Doctor is Merlin.
  4. Not sure, but Missy has to pop her head back in by now.  Thinking Alien world.
  5. Something to do with Clara and the Doctor investigates.  Also, rings of a pair up with the next episode about maybe RIVER!
  6. MAYBE MORE RIVER! Hello sweety… Don’t care what the Episode is, she could be sitting doing her nails for all I care.
  7. Think this one is pretty on the nose and WOOHOO return of Osgood.
  8. See 7
  9. A SPOOKY Who, thinking monsters under the bed. Maybe the return of those things that child Danny Pink, Doctor and Clara came across.
  10. Ravens, Ravens of London Tower, something in Victorian London to do with London Tower.
  11. Doctor, Clara, maybe Missy.  something which stops the Doctor finding Gallifrey or being able to find Gallifrey.  If Gallifrey, I’m thinking Dalek’s.
  12. Conclusion of 11. and no he doesn’t find Gallifrey.

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