11th May Sabreil Day, Cover love and congratulations

I picked up a copy of Sabriel a couple of years ago, it’s one of those books I have always mean to read and when I finally got around to it and it was worth the wait.  Great read and very enjoyable.  I had read about the 11th May Anniversary #SabrielDay on Garth’s social media feed and was thinking to myself, whoa 20 years, nice one!

Just by happenstance I was in a local second hand store this week and came across a copy of Sabriel with the older what I like to think as a renaissance style cover. I knew I already had a copy, I am not one to keep multiples of books, but I loved this artwork so much I just had to buy it in honor of the anniversary.

IMAG2471_1Left, original copy, right new copy.

A hat tip to Garth Nix, congratulations on 20 years!


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