Daredevil TV Series Episode 1 – Quick Review

Daredevil-Netflix-LogoWhile I review fantasy books I do not usually review or comment on TV series or Movies, but after watching the first episode of the Daredevil TV adaptation I must say I was greatly impressed.

I went in with some misgivings, specifically after Affleck’s attempt, as well as the general idea that an enhanced super hearing allows DD to be a contender to fight crime and survive past the first punch or bullet.  Putting aside the issue I had with the character,  this show is the redemption that DD desired and needed.  It was dark, gritty and violent.   It is what Arrow was aiming for in its first season (and mostly achieved) but lost when super humans tuned up in later seasons.

The casting for DD is well placed, the actor is not some hulking ripped God, but more a mild manner Spiderman riddled with inner demons.  A lot of the focus is on the Karen Page character and DD with only supporting roles for the rest of the bad guys and Foggy.  I liked this focus, it was a good choice of the opening of the series.

If you have been skeptical to date I completely understand your rationale, but if nothing else give the first episode a watch and I think you will be converted.



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