Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor Who, you gave more than I knew


It’s been many years, but I think it needs said as some people gave his performance a little roasting, myself included. Way back in 2005 I remember with some glee when the Doctor Who series returned and while somewhat skeptical I grew to enjoy Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of Doctor.  While surprised when he choose not to keep going as the Doctor, I looked forward to a new actor taking over.  David Tennant for me is The Doctor, making the series come alive and keeping me coming back.

However, this week one of the local TV stations has started showing the 2005 series from scratch and with hindsight I can honestly say Eccleston was truly a great Doctor (unlike McGann – sorry Paul, but that was just an atrocious attempt at a revival), and while each of them added their own twist, I had initially dismissed his input.

Many may still be in the mindset that due to his short time in the role he didn’t leave his stamp, and to this all I can say is do yourself a favor and rewatch the “first” series again, and I mean really rewatch.  It amazes me that I never saw it, Eccleston brought real emotion and flare to the character in the time he play the character. Here was a Doctor free to show real sadness and cry, to laugh at himself and the crisis around him, just consider that infectious grin filling the room like the best space borne virus. He was madcap, wacky and wonderfully human and alien.

It can simply be best said as, thank you for starting the series once more Christopher, you were simply fantastic.



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