Writing 201: Poetry, Day Ten – Future

The finale.writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2

Prompt: Future

Form: Sonnet (settled on the 8-6 form)

Device: Chiasmus

Inspiration: The past, present and future of Harry Dresden.

The future is like a river and the river flows to the future.
Illusion of control, raw, precise and elemental.
With the left it takes, with the right its gives and control of the illusion is key.
From the core of his being, he is champion, fire, mind and force,
Calling, fighting, reaching, answering.
Magic is a river flowing through the landscape of his world,
the worlds landscape ever flowing,
Calm, silent, turbulent and piercing.

Dark beneath, light above, the past fills him, love and death,
rushes from him, above light and beneath dark.
Still he turns, swims, breathes, drowns.
The presents horizons storm, rages and releases,
Purposeful, indistinct, true and false.
The river flows to the future, the future is like a river.

 The River


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