Writing 201: Poetry, Day Five – Fog

Day Five and this may be my final Tolkien based poetry, or maybe not.

Prompt: Fogwriting-101-june-2014-class-badge-2

Form: Elegy

Device: Metaphor

Inspiration: The Battle on the Fields of Gondor and the fog of war.  Aragorn striking down Orc’s.

My sword arm, strong, wielding, heavy as the falling oak,

Death and fear, new born and screaming.

Withered skin and moulted blood, discarded by my hand like decayed fruit,

A life cold and dark, its waters impregnable upon a midnight sea.

Friend, foe, warrior and craven, one mind one goal, connected, separate and alive in the fog of war,

The surge and beating of the vein, life and pain, a rivers flow.

Weary steps and homes hearth, a shining city, beacon and light upon the storm,

Mother, father a stony embrace, trust and fear, leader and destroyer.



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