Ever wanted more Personalities for the Discworld Ankh-Morpork board game?

A great game, but after a while it can become a little easy to pick who was who. So whats a gamer to do, he comes up with some new AMpersonalities for  players to pick, sand share to those who also have and enjoy the game.

How to use.

Your Personality is decided by the roll of the dice at the beginning of the game if one of the three 7 area control cards are selected.

  • If the dice matches that of those below then that will be your personality (hide the number hidden, otherwise everyone will know).
  • If the dice number is not rolled you must play the personality of the card.
  • If you exchange your personality you must roll the dice before selecting a card.

Either write the personality you have picked down or print a permanent list with all the new personalities.  Additionally, you can decide to leave the play card that matches the new personalities (if there is one e.g. Rincewind) in the deck for play (it’s only a game) or remove them and then use them as the new personalities card.

New Personalities.

Death_of_Rats librarian TMD LSR CC RW

No. 2: Death of Rats – Death is on Holiday again and the Death of Rats is filling in. To ensure he is doing his job the Death of Rats must show Death proof of 7 deaths. (Keep the assassinate cards as your proof)

No. 4: Rincewind – The worst wizard in the world. Successfully cast 5 of the 9 spells (Random Event Cards) to win the game. The game ends if last spell successful and not negated.

No. 6: Captain Carrot – Hold 5 of the 9 members of the Watch members in your hand at the beginning of your turn to win (Fire brigade included).

No. 8: Librarian – Hold 12 cards or more in your hand at the beginning of your hand to win; only the Minion, Building, Random Event and Assassinate cards count.

No. 10: Mended Drum – It’s a bar, hold 9 minions in your hand at the beginning of your turn. You must have 2 dollar for each minion; no one drinks for free.

No. 12: Lady Sybil Ramkin – Owns half of Ankh Morpork – If at the start of your turn you have 4 Buildings with 3 of your minions in each area you win.

If you don’t like any of these just make your own up. As Wil Wheaton would say, Play More Games!


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