Book Review – Shadow Stalker Episode 5, Destiny Reconciled Part One

SSE5 Cover JPG

Auren faces the harshest punishment she’s ever experienced for having pursued her relationship with Etan after being warned to stay away from him. To make matters worse, she has to face Kado for breaking her connection with him.

Kado decides it’s time to leave Ganida so Auren can focus on her training. Although she struggles to put her feelings for Etan behind her, she realizes there are more important things, like telling Kado she believes leaving the Dark Isle might be inevitable.

To her surprise, Kado agrees, but he wants to ensure Auren is prepared. She faces torture at the hands of the Galvadi Empire, and he feels she needs to learn to survive it. It might be the only thing that saves her, but can she endure the training?

Destiny Reconciled Part One covers all the bases for a good fantasy short story, love, lose, unforeseen consequences and a land conquered.  Kado and Auren tentatively begin to reconnect after Auren and Etan relationship causes some larger issues.  Auren discovers a new ability and knows some hard choices will be needed in the future.

The emotions and conflict between Kado and Auren is written well, you pick up easily in the writing that a trust has been broken but is slowly coming back between them.  I enjoyed Auren’s newly discovered ability, it wasn’t too on the nose and had a good a subtle tone to it.

We now get the long awaited push as the Galvadi invade the Serpant Isles and the noose around the delohi-saqu begins to close, which leaves few options for Auren and Kado but to leave the Dark Isle. The idea they have to leave is a well placed two edged sword as the pair contemplate a destiny of torture at the hands of Drevin.   Auren’s new found ability comes into its own now as Kado begins to train Auren harder and prepare herself for the road ahead.  There is a nice continuity along the story’s path, you can see a little of what’s ahead but not too much.

During Auren’s training we are introduced to a voice from her past which reaches out with words of warning and a little hope.  No spoilers, I’m afraid, but this addition adds a nice other worldly element which am sure will have its own twists and turns.

You can read Destiny Reconciled by clicking this link.

If you wish to learn more about Renee, you can by visiting her site or see all her books here.


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