Excerpt & Review – Demon Hunt, A Shadow Stalker Prequel by Renee Scattergood

Demon HuntDemon Hunt, A Shadow Stalker Prequel by Renee Scattergood Excerpt

Auren braced herself as they started their descent. Everything was going smoothly until they reached the bottom and the canoe lurched, sending her flying forward. Somehow she twisted her body and in the same motion reached her paddle toward Kado, who instinctively grabbed it and anchored her to the canoe. Although landing in the water might have been more ideal than having her body slam into the unyielding wooden base of the canoe. Air was forced from her lungs as though she had been kicked in the gut.

“We’re in calmer waters,” Kado said.

“I hadn’t noticed.” Actually she had noticed the ride down the river had smoothed considerably, but the humor in his tone inveigled a sarcastic response.

He chuckled.

Auren pushed herself up, but didn’t attempt to move from the center of the canoe. Moving hurt. Her foster father would just have to paddle on his own for a while. Now that they had reached calmer waters, they were moving a lot slower, and she knew they had little time. “Kado, you know how you moved us through the shadow world the other day when we were about to fall down the waterfall?”


“Why can’t we do that to get to the village faster?”

“We don’t know for sure it’s heading to the village. I want to watch the shoreline. If we spot it, maybe we can stop it before it gets close.”

Auren nodded. It made sense, she supposed. “What if it just turns back and doesn’t go to the village at all?”

“That would be ideal. If we get to the village and it’s not there, we will backtrack until we either run into it, or run into its tracks.”

The mountains had given away to foothills several kilometers back, and even those were becoming smaller and smaller. A herd of sheep grazed in the small grassy hills to their left. They shouldn’t be far from the village now. Kado was still scanning every inch of their surroundings as they paddled down the river.

As they rounded the bend, the village came into view. At first nothing seemed amiss, but then they heard the screams.

Demon Hunt, A Shadow Stalker Prequel by Renee Scattergood Review

Demon Hunt is a great addition to the Shadow Stalker universe.  If you have not read the Shadow Stalker stories as yet, Demon Hunt provides a nice introduction the main characters Auren and Kado and the world they inhabit.  If you are familiar with Shadow Stalkers episodes this story provides a closer insight to the Auren & Kado character and expansion of certain plot elements in the future storyline.

The characters are well written and with good personality.  Kado comes across as the dark and foreboding guardian but secretly has a heart of gold, something  seen clearly when Auren is injured during their hunt.  Auren like any teenager is both shy and confident, finding her way and slowly drawing forth her inner self.

There is an easy flow to the writing and the plot which pulls the reader in.  You can really empathise with Auren as she struggles with the choices the future holds for her, revealed to her as part of each summers camping trip, as well as the pain and guilt she feels after the destruction the demon causes.

Like all good pieces of fantasy fiction we have the experienced master and the unseasoned and unsure pupil racing against time to set right a wrong before drastic consequences take hold.

Well worth a read.

You can read Demon Hunt by clicking this link.

If you wish to learn more about Renee, you can by visiting her site http://reneescattergood.com


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