Fantasy Stories told in 140 Characters

I recently did a twitter thing to tell a fantasy story in one tweet (140 characters), I actually come up with three, and thought I would share.

Story 1
Scorched land. Dragon breathe. Kings folly. Hollow throne. Forgotten son. Fatal thrust. Bloods release. Fallen hero. Loves grief.

Story 2
A hero roams alone. Evil to fell. Sharp of ear, immortal & fair. Sure of arm his riven blade falls. Evil slain the land is free.

Story 3
A high tower & wizards hand. Cold spell & dark release. Apprentice’s faith, hope renewed. Able mind, valor’s heart & Lords demise.

Writing this I do have a fourth.

Story 4
Waves break & a bow touches lands. A hero waits sword in hand. Wind & night, cold they meet. Blood, death & release a sacrifice for save all.

Comment with your own.


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