A Terrible Beauty post by mctuggle.com

Today I read a this post by mctuggle.com, A Terrible Beauty, in relation to the use of longrifles in history and the devotion, care and status they represented to their owner.  It was an interesting piece which also references mythical and cultural weapons which are lanced throughout human history.  It brought to mind similar elements from fantasy novels I read which make use of weapons and the importance of them to the holder.  One story in particular jumps to mind, Brian McClellan’s Powder Mage series, which places a heavy importance on rifles and their users.  The rifle to these characters are an extension of themselves, they care for them in the same way we care, maintain and personalise ourselves.

Yes, these are weapons, but the attention to detail and mastery style given to them is still seen today in such objects as the modern car.  For a lot of people the purchase is not just financial, but aesthetic, which people then add their own personal touches too, much in the same way as the mctuggle mentions for longrifles in his post.

Its worth a read, a terrible beauty.


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