Wanderers by Erik Wernquist, what I took from my viewing.

As a child and even now as an adult I looked up at the night sky and I wonder.  I gaze at the stars and the endless darkness and I want to go there. I know this is an unfulfillable desire, but it doesn’t remove the feeling.  Watching and listening to this short, it reminds me of my own internal voice, the one that dreams of the impossible.

We as people will always need to move forward, sometimes without full consideration of our past mistakes, but the notion that one day we will live, maybe thrive and truly explore our solar system’s planets is both extremely satisfying and sad (as I know I won’t be alive to witness it).

Watching this film and the idea of humans on other plants, moons or space stations I am actually reminded of a sci-fi book series by Kevin J Anderson, The Saga of Seven Suns. In this series Anderson depicts a subset of humans who thrived and lived in the inhospitable regions of space.  They see the wonders and harsh realities, stand at the edge of the nothing and watch as the planets spin oblivious to our presence or delve deep searching, finding and exploring.

We walk in the shadow of our minds steps, leaping, jumping, struggling and hopefully winning against our own ideas and preconceive limitations.  We will stumble and fall but we won’t give in, it is not in our nature.

I know that everyone will take something different from the short, but the fact remains that while this is currently fiction, it will not always be.  Paraphrasing Melville and the film, we love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.


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