Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer, Good or Bad?

So, I am a couple of watches into the teaser trailer and I still can’t believe overall how bad it is.  I know most people may disagree but consider it main elements:

  1. Stormtrooper close up in desert,
  2. Young female on some sort of vehicle speeding off,
  3. Hooded figure walking in snowy woods
  4. Millennium Falcon.

Lets start with the Stormtrooper.  Can any explain to me why the opening shoot is so close to his face that we can see his pimples (metaphorically speaking). Take a step back, maybe two and then take the shoot, it may have then worked.

Why, oh why, is an extremely clean looking female (considering she is on a dusty looking desert planet) riding a giant frozen chocolate lollypop.  Wouldn’t it melt in the desert sun/s?

Take these who scenes, which look like they may be on the same planet, where is the context. They both look harassed, but from what?  It may be teaser but context people, context!

I couldn’t fault the shadowy figure as they walk through the snowy forest, right until the lightsaber is brought out.  Cross-guards on a lightsaber, No, just ……No.

The only saving grace for this trailer was the voice over and the millennium falcon. Good dark tone (thank you Benedict Cumberbatch or Andy Serkis, depending on who is revealed to be the voice) for the narration and then there is the great aerial maneuvers for the falcon, we have missed your highflying antics!  Overall, it comes across a little too Disney, where’s the darkness, the edge and fear of the sith rising once again.

If someone decides to re-cut I say all that is needed is the voice over, a brief shoot of the female looking over her shoulder, the stormtroopers on the ship, the figure walking in the woods (minus lightsaber coming out) and the millennium falcon.

But since we are stuck with this one for the moment I would rather watch the Lego version, at least it was meant to be humorous.


4 thoughts on “Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer, Good or Bad?

  1. I grew up with the first trilogy and loved it. The second trilogy was good, but much more complex and dark(?). I just saw the trailer for the beginning of the third trilogy and I was confused. At first I thought it was a spoof. But my heart soared with the Millennium Falcon when it whizzed around the screen.

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