Doctor Who – Already thinking who’s next after Capaldi?


For the most part I am enjoying the latest actor, Peter Capaldi’s portrayal of the Doctor, put I am struggling to grasp the effectiveness of his Doctor personality.  The biggest hurdle I think is Clara, a character who takes on an equal footing in story and presence, and so I feel is shadowing Capadi.  Don’t get me wrong, Clara is needed, but Capaldi’s Doctor does not shine because of it.

Looking back, I had a few issues with each transition from the old Doctor to the new  Doctor but usually got on board after the first 3-5 episodes.  Having watched the current 10 offerings I am already thinking who can be next?  This version of Doctor is darker and angrier which I think is good, hints of which we have seen in Tenants Doctor also.  He takes a slower approach to problems and doesn’t have the energy as Smitt’s Doctor.  This in itself is not an issue as I don’t really care if he is  running about off kilter and energetic, he just needs to be a larger than life character, small on the outside, big on the inside and blue, no wait not blue.  Take Eccleston, while not a great Doctor he came off the screen, when  you think of him you can see the cheesy grin spread across his face or the anger in his voice which confronting great evil.  Which one larger than life quality sticks out for Capaldi’s Doctor?  Do any?

If Capaldi is to be the darker more raw Doctor, a controller and manipulator much like McCoy when he was the Doctor, than let him be that.  Give him free rein to be the Cold hero, balancing the lives of people and worlds.  There is no reason why companions (such as Donna Noble) can not be his heart and  compassion when he needs it.   If Capaldi is to take a less central role then maybe it is time to consider a new Doctor. If we are considering new Doctors then yes I think it is time for a Ginger Time Lord (a Ginger Lord if I may), they have been going on about if for long enough.  I know some call for a female Doctor and while I have no issue with that idea I do not think it fits the character or shows theme.  If we want a female Time Lord we have Jenny, the Doctor’s clone-daughter.

My pick for a Ginger Lord would be

Damian Lewis – While not likely as has he already has a hit show. I remember his character in a show called Life, calm collected but capable of action which would be a great fit for a Doctor.

Domhnall Gleeson –  Can’t really pinpoint why but I have seen him in a few things and if there were to be a ginger Doctor, I think he would suit very well.

Simon Pegg – Funny, a little like McCoy without the darker side.

NOT Grint, NEVER Grint – Sorry Rupert!

Now, if we were talking non-Ginger Lords I would love to see the following as contenders,

Robert Carlyle (Serious Doctor  personality)

Idris Elba (Serious/Funny Doctor  personality)

Chris O’Dowd (Funny Doctor  personality)

Hugh Laurie (Funny/Rude Doctor  personality)



4 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Already thinking who’s next after Capaldi?

  1. Robert Carlyle! OMG I didn’t realize I wanted this until I saw his name on this list and it clicked like a lightbulb. HE WOULD BE AMAZING AS THE DOCTOR HOLY CRAP.

    I actually understand what you mean. I was never a fan of Clara to be honest, and I never liked her storyline or her character, so seeing her get more screen-time and her romance with Danny, eh. Doesn’t help matters. As for Capaldi’s doctor, I’ve been feeling like he was very reserved from the beginning, and I am actually a little disappointed in this series. There’s something missing that I can’t quite put my finger on.

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