Sandman Slim Nursery Rhymes – Send your child to bed the right way!

Finished The Getaway God today by Richard Kadrey and had this idea for Sandman Slim nursery rhymes.

As you lay your head to Sleep (Metallica, Enter the Sandman inspired)

When I lay my head to sleep,
I pray to Samuel, my soul to keep.
Beast below the things that bite,
No more day, no more light.

Beneath my bed, eternal night,
Dream of hands griping tight,
What’s that noise behind door,
Speak his named dead forever more.

Sandman Sandman, I see you there,
Sandman Sandman, have a care,
Sandman Sandman, my life you take,
Sandman Sandman, I must awake.

One , Two, Sandman is Coming for you! (Freddy Krueger inspired)

1, 2, The Sandman is coming for you,
3, 4, lock your door,
5, 6, grab your crucifix; rocket launder; tactical nuclear warhead; WHATEVER,
7, 8, better stay up late,
9, 10, never sleep again

Sleep baby Sleep (Inspired by an old nursery rhyme)

Sleep, baby, sleep,
Sandman guards your dreams tonight;
His Kiss blessed arm holds the door,
Gun and knife and a lot more.
Rest your head on dreams shore;
The Sandman is going to count so four.
Sleep, baby, sleep.



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