Lord of the Rings Crossword

How to play

You can either print the crossword box or write the answers out as you get them, following the crossword box layout.

I will put the answer up in another post, so no peaking until you’re done.

Lord of The Rings Crossword


4. Number of boats the Fellowship take on the Lothlorien (5)
5. Rides to War with Eowyn (5)
6. Gollum, Smeagol & .. (7)
10. Eat a little, and only in need (11)
11. Named the Fellowship (6)
12. Dwarf who gave Bilbo a mighty gift (6)
16. Lady Galadriel’s husband (12)
18. A weed by another name (9)
19. Aragorn other name (7)
21. Frodos second cousin once removed (6)


1. The young Caption of Gondor (7)
2. Destroyer of Narsil (6)
3. Ringwraiths Breath (14)
6. Lord of All Horses (9)
7. Wielder of Narsil (6)
8. A beast with ram horns, bats wings and a lizards tail (6)
9. Shelob’s diet consists of these (4)
13. Frodos traveling name (9)
14. Denethors home city (11)
15. Seeing Stone (8)
17. City which lies between Mordor and Minas Tirith (9)
20. Ent Children (7)


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