Writing 101, Day Nine: Changing Moccasins – Point of View

For today’s assignment, write a scene at the park. Up for a twist? Write the scene from three different points of view.writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2
A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.
Write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

A walk in the JRP

The sun is shining in a clear blue sky.  Its beauty is enhanced only by the languorous wisps of cotton white clouds.  A cooling breeze rustles the ancient and newly resurrected palms.  Husband John and wife Mary walk hand in hand down a gravel path bordered to their left by a sparkling clear lake and to their right dense and long forgotten foliage encroaching to the path’s edge.  Small creatures can be heard off in the distance chirping and twittering.

Mary looks to John, she sees the hurt and pain written clearly on his face.   It’s the look of a lost boy, crying out for his mother’s hand.  She knows deep down John agrees with her, it’s the right choice.   “We had to John, this is the best place for Joan.  Your mother will be happy here.  Look around you, beautiful sunny weather, lush gardens and a nice lake for her to relax beside.”  Mary points to an old lady further down the path , “she can even learn a hobby, look at the lovely old dear knitting. I am sure she is having a great time, and the staff must really look out for the people.  Look at the size of those knitting needles, but with such short arms I’m sure she needs them.”

John halfheartedly kicks a pebble into the bushes as he and Mary walk the ground of the park.  Talking to no one he complains to the one person who he knows will listen, himself. The sun is so bright, mum will hate that, we don’t like to be warm.  Don’t they have gardeners, these trees and plants are all overgrown, doesn’t Mary know mum and I has hay fever.  I’m already crying like a baby from this stupid pollen. What’s mum meant to do with a lake, it’s not like she can swim, she has arthritis and I know she doesn’t fish.  John pulls his attention back to Mary, what is she talking about, yes, I see the old women up ahead. No, she doesn’t look like she is having great time, she looks like she about to drop her bundle.

Knit one, pearl two, cross something. Grrrrr who ever said knitting was relaxing I am going to bite their head off.  Breathe Ethel, relax, in through the noise out through the mouth.  I have been at this all day, my hands are too short and I don’t care what they say long needles don’t help.  It’s not like I had a choice in the matter.  I was born this way, short arms and big legs, and now I’m just a shrunken old biddy. I only wanted to make a nice red sweater for my grandson Rex.  Such a sweet boy, he always comes to visit his granny.  Looking up, she see’s two people walking down the path.  Great she thinks to herself, two idiots here to disturb my peace, well fuck’m I don’t feel like being the sweet old dear today. Hello dear, yes, it is wonderful here dear, yes, your mummy will love it here.  Today I feel like being a giant monster.  Throwing down the knitting in disgust she stands and turns to back up the path, that’s it I’m hungry.

The old lady looks up and catches the women’s eye.  Mary stops and turns to John, “She’s a big girl that one, she looked further away, persons in the distance aren’t as small as they appear.”  John grabs Mary by the arm, “Um, Mary……run.”  Mary turns round and John is already meters down the path.  Turning back round and sees the old women has gotten close. “My hero…”, she shouts and takes off down the path after John.  John calls out from the front, “I told you this was a bad idea, that’s’ it I’m taking mummy home.”

The old lady stops and watches the couple runs away from her.  She watches them go and calls out, “Tourist!  It’s always the same, they never read the brochure, all they see is a pretty island with good weather and cheap prices.  Where did they think T-Rexs go to retire, Florida.  We are in the Jurassic Retirement Park after all.”


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